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Leading Talent Development Strategies

October 8, 2021 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


Despite retention difficulties sweeping across industries, employers are slow to catch onto the emerging talent development trend. Leading talent development strategies cover all the bases recently identified as leading talent loss. Although each business has a unique circumstance, every industry can discover its leading talent development strategies, and BCT experts can help. Mind the Gap […]


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The Right Talent for the Job

June 18, 2021 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting, Networking


Small and medium-sized businesses constantly face fast-paced IT challenges every day. Meeting those challenges can be an uphill battle when in-house expertise is lacking. Business Centric Technologies has years of experience identifying, retaining, and placing top-tier IT talent to meet those challenges. Don’t face your IT pitfalls alone. Let BCT show you the way. Wide […]


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Will this candidate fit in with our corporate culture?

July 26, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting


You’ve interviewed what seems like a never-ending stream of candidates for your open position and narrowed the field down to a handful of qualified applicants. Relevant experience: check. Educational requirements: check. Technical skills: check. Soft skills: check. With all of the candidates hitting all of these marks, what could possibly go wrong? A lot. While […]


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