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10 Top Paying Jobs for IT Professionals

April 12, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting, Employment, IT Education


The opportunities for IT professionals is constantly expanding and changing. To call the market dynamic would be an understatement. Exploring the top ten paying jobs for 2019, one notices that several of these job titles didn’t even exist in the not-too-distant past. Here are the ten IT jobs offering the highest compensation. For now, anyway. […]


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Powerful Resume

November 10, 2018 in Ask a Recruiter, Communication Systems, Dallas IT Recruiting, Employment


Hiring managers and recruiters report being overwhelmed with poorly written resumes. Resumes are the first filter to eliminate candidates, so it is vital that yours is powerfully written. Don’t allow your resume to eliminate you from consideration. These four do’s and don’ts will help you write a resume that gets you noticed for the right […]


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“How Working Parents Can Manage The Demands Of School-Age Kids”

August 17, 2018 in Employment


Remember the why of all the work you are putting into your career and your school-aged children. As Ms. Dowling explains “Like all parents, you will teach your child the greatest lessons: the importance of hard work, the value of commitments to family, and the satisfaction that comes from a tough job well done.”


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Five Questions To Discover Your Dream Job

August 9, 2018 in Employment


It is always easier to find something once you have defined what you are looking for. Following the sage advice of beginning with the end in mind, and here, defining the job you want before you start looking for one, will pay dividends far beyond what any matching 401k contribution may, even if its 100%.


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The Right (And Wrong) Reasons To Leave A Job

August 3, 2018 in Employment


Let your next job search be focused in positivity and not just a way to escape your struggles if things aren’t going your way at work right now. Your career path should focus on achieving your professional and life goals. Says Wein, “It’s not a weight on your shoulders, it is the next step.”


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