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How to Change Career Paths in IT

December 29, 2017 in Employment, IT Education, News


New Year, New You. Rather, about to be a New Year, so it’s time to get the New You ready. Taking a close examination of one’s life at year’s end, especially careers is a common ritual held all over the world. But whether you are currently a dog catcher, lion tamer, or IT guru there […]


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How New Incentives can revitalize your workforce

December 22, 2017 in Business Intelligence, Employment, News


With the job market heating up employers will face a new hiring challenge that will only gain momentum in 2018. As the hiring boom continues, now with greater tax incentives for all sizes of business, keeping experienced workers in the company, and bringing in fresh blood will be harder than ever. Incentives, like the workforce, […]


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The Person You Don’t Want in your Company

November 17, 2017 in Employment


Bob was clearly an asset, but to Novak’s surprise, Bob was also sitting at the table, in tears. In 47 years of service at Pepsi Co, Bob had never heard any of this type of feedback from his co-workers, managers, or anyone.


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Top 5 Resume Tips

November 10, 2017 in Employment


Just like changes to hiring in the IT industry has changed over the years, what recruiters want to see in IT resumes has also changed. Until AI bots figure out the perfect resume, there is still time to tweak and improve yours to catch the ever-increasing wave of demand in IT. Below are the top […]


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Top 3 Team Morale Killers to Avoid

November 3, 2017 in Employment


When your project is important, and likewise urgent, it’s critical to ensure a smooth workflow. This can make team morale as important as hitting your deadlines. While this doesn’t mean breaking out the pom-poms every time you see your colleague frown, there are some behaviors that are easier to avoid than repair a broken team. Top […]


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Hiring Manager/Recruiter Relationships

October 6, 2017 in Employment


Relationships between hiring managers and recruiters can mean the difference between finding the best candidate or an endless search. Oftentimes the challenges that arise from a missing relationship, or one that “needs work” can delay finding the right candidate. Below are the top three difficulties that appear when the hiring manager/recruiter relationship is on the […]


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Never Accept the Counter Offer

August 18, 2017 in Employment


Perhaps short of winning a Mega Millions Lottery, or inheriting a comparable amount from an eccentric uncle once removed, few people leave jobs where they feel well paid, given opportunities and promotions their performance deserves and feel well respected.


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Top 2 HR trends for 2017

February 24, 2017 in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Employment, News


Recently the Society for Human Resource Management identified certain trends that will heavily influence hiring in 2017. For the first time in the history of the labor market, technology has converted all companies into “technology companies” regardless of the service they provide or widget they create. As identified by Byrne Mulrooney, CEO of Los Angeles-based […]


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